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“Victory, a miracle on earth has happened again! Praise Jesus!”

Recently, one of our key local sport leaders in a persecuted region was not feeling well and was asking for prayers. This was the report;

“....there are concerns about either Auto-immune hepatitis or another auto-immune disease. Unfortunately, the medical care here is really poor and I think the doctors have done more harm by scaring him telling him things like he's going to lose his eyesight and not be able to walk soon….”

We were talking on facetime. He was very discouraged and confused and shared with me what the lies of the enemies whispering in his ears. He had two choices; believe the lies or set our eyes on Jesus and trust in Him. We prayed and asked in the name of Jesus for all the unknown virus to be cleaned and swiped away from his body. We declared the blood of Jesus to cleanse him and only Jesus is boasted and glorified through this time of despair. As we were talking we sensed the word “victory” in the midst of our atmosphere. We agreed with an “amen victory victory in Jesus!”

Few days later he went for another test and the doctors couldn't believe the result came out all negative! He sensed God’s joy and love overflowing in him and all he could say was “Victory, a miracle on earth has happened again! Praise Jesus!” It was a privilege to witness and process this brother’s miracle testimony and it has really encouraged his community again how the power of His Kingdom demonstrated through setting our eyes back and trust on Jesus and choosing not to entertain the lies of the enemies. We might not understand everything why things turned out the way it happened, but in those moments people who had a relationship with Jesus will always have a choice to set our eyes on Jesus instead of embracing the lies of the enemies. Now this is what I call true Kingdom victory, regardless what the outcome maybe but the privilege to choose Jesus instead of the enemy. Let His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

The picture below is one of the brother’s led ministries that blesses a lot of families who don't know Jesus under the circumstance where Christianity is persecuted.

Such love has no fear, because perfect love expels all fear. 1John 4:18 (NLT)


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