We pray that the following 3 episodes of Christmanship videos can open your eyes to see the heart of Jesus and His Kingdom through the language of sports. 
You can meet in small groups and discuss how the power of His Kingdom can be a reality through your sports life and beyond. Please select a suitable subtitle for your group.

CHRISTMANSHIP Episodes with English Subtitles

CHRISTMANSHIP Episodes with Chinese Subtitles

CHRISTMANSHIP Episodes with Korean Subtitles

CHRISTMANSHIP Episodes with Mongolian Subtitles

CHRISTMANSHIP Episodes with Arabic Subtitles


A shared passion for sports is the first step to building friendships in your community. While that is a good start, we want to take it to the next level. This is an invitation from you to a sporting friend you want to show compassion to. As you reach out and hang out with that person, you get an opportunity to share your journey with Christ. We hope that through the help of our Christmanship videos, you will be able to spur up conversations and listen to more life questions. Speaking life into someone's lives and starting organic conversations about what Jesus has done is a great way to show compassion. So what are you waiting for? Who is that someone you want to show compassion to this week?

Meal Together
Watch Together
Talk Together

1 Peter 4:7-11  B.L.E.S.S.
B Begin with prayer (v7)
L Love Deeply (v8)
E Eat with others (v9)
S Serve All (v10)
S Share God's story (v11)


The book “Christmanship- Kingdom of God played out in sports” is a short testimony to understand this journey of establishing His Kingdom through our sports life.  We continue to explore how we can daily be more like Jesus and making earth more like heaven in the language of sports.