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  • Peter Jung

Oh Well, Time Will Tell

Time is cold-hearted but fair.

It waits for no one; nobody at all.

Time is impartial, unbiased,

Maybe even disinterested.

Oh well, time will tell.

Time is made up of billions of small moments;

Moments of cheers and moments of tears.

Moments of busyness and moments of stillness.

Unforgettable moments and moments that are long forgotten.

Oh well, time will tell.

Some take advantage of time;

Eager to fill it with movement and action.

Some like to take it slow with time;

Swaying to the rhythm of life.

Oh well, time will tell.

Time is good at investigating.

Always exposing truths and fostering new discoveries.

Time shows love, time heals.

Time shows change, time restores.

Only time will tell.

Time surprises people with revelations and inspiration.

As others try to grasp onto time or predict futures,

Time says, “Sike! I’m unpredictable!”

When will people learn that time is out of our hands?

Only time can tell.

Time is out of reach, more valuable than money.

Yet is still in control by the One, the creator.

One who’s eternal and has power over time.

That one is Jesus, who holds my time in his hands.

Only He can tell.


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