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God Heals

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Last year, a friend of mine was encouraged by the videos I posted on Instagram. We arranged a zoom call where she encountered God in a powerful way. She testified that the weight he had carried for most of her life was completely gone.

She went into the zoom meeting with a huge headache and then after our time of prayer, and noticed how the headache was gone, but only that, but all of the heaviness from her past! 🙌

She grew up under Christian parents, never missed church every Sunday, but something was missing. That day on the zoom call, she found what her soul had been longing for, a fresh baptism of God’s presence.

The blood of Jesus is as powerful today as it was then when he shed it to purify us and give us our worth 2000 years ago on the cross.

She eventually got baptized last year and she’s been going strong 💪! Every time we have a conversation, she’s always sharing about her divine dreams and testifying about God’s power in her life. God is using her to be a huge encouragement to those around her. She’s been overflowing in the love and the peace of God and is leading people to Jesus. She’s a teacher and one of her recent miracles was her TA accepting Christ while in class! God is good! 🙌💯

This is the power of Jesus folks! If you have never experienced this, now is the time. It’s never too late. Reach out! You’re not alone! You truly do matter to God and He loves you Soooo much! God bless you!!!


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