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After a run... by Thiago Baria

When I run, I am trying to improve my performance. I tend to look at the clock and see if I am faster than before.

It’s already a great challenge to fight against the clock and against the limitations that our body has (physically and mentally). And now, I keep looking at my watch! You know the problem for doing that?

If I try too hard at the beginning, I will get tired, then my time will get worst so the result won’t be satisfactory. Frustration.

If I am at a good pace and I realize that I am improving, I will have a strong tendency to relax and I won’t be able to improve my time. Again comes the Frustration.

Now take a break and think about our walk with God; how many times can we have the same “mindset” of a runner? We can often worry about the things of this world, or be concerned with my Christian life’s pace, wanting to accomplish various things… and we get tired, we get frustrated.

On the other hand, we can be doing many great things and see that we are doing well, getting compliments, people praising us, and then we are in danger of relaxing and not finish the race well.

How then do we find a balance? How to enjoy the race but also improve it? It will take training and dedication! It will be necessary to persevere and to learn how to enjoy each race. The famous quote, “do not focus just on the destination, but enjoy the journey”!

Good results will come with time and you will rejoice with each achievement. It will be no different in our Christian journey: it takes patience and dedication – to read God’s Word and a life of prayer. To love God and to love people around us, to have the heart (and time) to help others. Enjoy this journey. Keep running.

Do not be discouraged and do not give up, persevere and be patient because at the end of this race, in our destination, Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, will be waiting for us – and we will be able to run as fast and as hard as we can into His arms!


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